Scientific Library
of the Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogical Academy

16, vul. Universytetska, Kharkiv, 61003,Ukraine

TEL.: +38 (057) 733-7897



 DIRECTOR: Svitlana V. Karpenko


The library was founded in 1958 as the libraryof the Ukrainian Correspondence Polytechnic Institute. Library stock is near 1 100 000 items.Among them books and journals in natural sciences and technology: mathematics, physics,chemistry, machine building, metallurgy, thermal engineering, radio engineering and electronics,chemical technology, fine mechanics. Besides the stock contains books in social and politicalsciences: history, sociology, politology, religion, philosophy, psychology, pedagogy.The library has a rich reference stock.
There are branches of the library in the following towns: Artemovsk, Slavjansk, Konstantinovka.
The library provides a service to the students, professors and scholars of the Academy,other categories of readers - by paid loan.