Scientific and Technikal Library of the National Technical University
"Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute"

2, Kyrpychova Str., Kharkiv,  61000, Ukraine

Tel.: +38 (057) 707-6361, 707-6307



Director: Larisa P. Semenenko

The scientific-technical library of Kharkiv Polytechnical University was founded in 1885.The personal library  of academician Yakobe B.S. served as a kernal to its foundation.
Printed professors and  lectures publications increased the stock of the library from the day of its foundation. The famous scientists: mathematician Steklov V.L.,chemist Beketov N.N., mechanician Lyapunov A.N., physicist Pilchikov N.D. and others worked in the library .

Now the stock of the library includes 2 mln. books:
726.868 vol. of scientific literature;
905.282 vol. of school literature;
279.083/25.689 of foreign and currency literature.

In the old funds of the library there is  a lot of technical  and scientific literature (in Russian and foreign langues),editions of the 17-18 centuries.There are complects of foreign and native magazines for many years.For example:"Vestnik inzhenerov" (from 1915).,"Zhurnal russkogo phisiko-chimiczeskogo obschestva" (from 1869),
"Chemisches Zentralblatt" (from 1830),"Proceedings of the Royal Society" (from 1932).
In our library you may introduce with the book by Faradey M."Experime.Researcher in Electric" with his autograph; Arithmetic of Magnitskiy 1703, with the first editions of books by Lomonosov M.V., Mendeleev D.I. and other original books.
The sector of rare books works now. This fund consists of the works of the scientists of the University,who worked in it from its foundation.
There is a rich fund of the literature in art, ethic and esthetic in the library.
Every year the library receives 30.000 vol. In the last time a large part of foreign literature is received from firms "Motorola","Sebr-svitlo".
While complecting our fund,we take into account the profile of the University,the topics of the scientific research and the difference of the reader's categories: professors, teachers, aspirants, students.
There is the system of different service in the library.
Every year our library is attended by more than 28.000 readers.
The information system consists of the catalogues:
-general alphabetic;
-general systematics;
-alphabet catalogue of native magazines;
-alphabet catalogue of foreign magazines;
-alphabet catalogue of art literature.
and systematic carding of articles with the new information about policy,economics,law.
Perfection of library's work of a modern time began in 1991.
This year is the year of introduction of the computer technology into the practical work of the library and the development of international relations.
Cooperation with Poznan politechnic and the visit of the German delegation of library specialists ,informatic and calculation technics was the beginning of the creation of the culture-information centre in Kharkiv.The scientists and librarians take an active part in this centre.
From 1991 the library is a member of AMILT.
We have an electronic catalogue from 1992.It has 28.000 information records.It helps to find materials of different questions from 1985.All the time such bases facts as "High school","Actual article","Works of scientists","Current magazins","Librarian article" are filled.
The library's cooperation with the Kharkiv section of fund "Soros" will improve the automation of library process.In 1996 the library got a prize for the project of creation educational-methodical centre of automation library on the base of the Kharkiv Politechnical University.80 high-qualified librarians work in the library.The scientific-technical library of the Kharkiv Politechnical University is one of the largest University libraries in Ukraine.The scientists,aspirants,students of the University and specialists of the other organizations and industries of Kharkiv use the fund of the library.
We hope that this information about the library of the Kharkiv Politechnical University in the INTERNET will interest the world public opinion.

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