Fundamental Library  of V.V. Dokuchayev
Kharkiv  National   Agrarian   University

"Dokuchayevske-2", Kharkiv Region, 62483, Ukraine

TEL: +38 (0572) 997-123

E-MAIL: library@hnau.kharkov.ua

Internet: http://lib.knau.kharkov.ua/

DIRECTOR: Svitlana O. Dovgalyuk


        The  Fundamental  library   of  Kharkiv State Agrarian University of Dokuchayev is one of the oldest libraries in Ukraine. It was founded in 1816.
Thanks to the great services of Dokuchayev the founder of the nation soil science, during  two centuries of the library existense, a unique system of funds was created. A considerable place in this system is occupied by the collections of works of such  outstanding agricultural  researches as soil scientists V.V.Dokuchayev, M.M.Sibirtsev, K.D.Glinka, O.N.Sokolovsky, plant-breeder V.Y.Yuryev, physiologist F.F.Matskov, plant-grower-ecologist M.M.Kyleshov and others, who helped its development in different times.
At present in the disposal of readers there are over 600.000 copies of  a  multibranch character in 11 languages, scientific ( 228.000 copies) and educational ( 200.000 copies) literature covering all the questions of  agriculture.
Annually the fund is enlarged with 3.000 copies of literature.
The important source of filling up the fund is  home and foreign book-exchange which is being carried out since the middle of the sixties of our century. We now  maintain contacts with 45 organizations and institutions of Ukraine and foreign countries and get about 200 copies of books  and journals from  them  per year.
So, beginning  from 1962 the library constantly gets the journal ĒAgricultural ResearchĒ  from the USA.
The proud of the library is the fund of rare  and prerevolutionary editions (6.000 copies). Among them there are books with autographes and dedications of outstanding scientists in different branches of technics and agriculture.  The oldest one of them  was published in 1787.
The valuable informative part of the libraryís  fund  is the complete set of pre-revolutionary magazines  for several years. Among them are ďHerald of  Russian  AgricultureĒ  since 1888, journals  ďYardeningĒ  since 1866,  ďForest JournalĒ  since 1873,  ďAgricultureĒ since 1898,  ďGeodraphyĒ since 1898, ďSoil  SciensĒ since 1899.
The fund of periodical   editions  is added with  the set of modern  home  and foreign  journals.
Besides books and journals, the fund keeps thesis, synopsis of  thesis, microfishes.
Peculiar guides to  the library  fund are catalogues and card indesis (12), that comprehensively  reflect its content.
Today  the  library offers to its visitors a  number of services:  3 loans, 8 reading halls for 400 places, special lecture-rooms for 400 places for individual   work with   books which the University  administration allots, inter-librarian loan, bibliographic consultation, exhibitions, etc .
In 1998 the library has began to form the document data base in agriculture, the data base of scientific works of the Univesity scientists, the  data  base of the new  entries of primary sources to the library.
The library  is  the first member  of the International association of Agricultural Information Specialists in Ukraine.
We hope for the further  close cooperation with home and international institutions and organizations in widening access to the world information agricultural resources, and we are also sincerely-thankful to some of them: Ukrconsulting, T.G.Shevchenko ďProsvitaĒ company, Ukrainian Federation  of Philadeiphia district (USA), Ukrainian-American joint venture and others  for the free allocation of books for their  use in scientific and educational activity of the university.
            Our best regards  to you. Thanks for your time.